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Thread: Car can't start and the TPMS lamp is on

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    Car can't start and the TPMS lamp is on

    I am writing here because it seemed that the problem had been resolved, but after a few months it’s back. I searched half of the internet with no results, maybe someone from this forum can help me.

    I have ‘13 Micra K13 1.2 59kW and in some randoms moments the TPMS light (low tire pressure) suddenly starts flashing, then the turn signals and wipers stop working. After I turn off the engine, it cannot be started again – car starter works, but the injection system won’t supply fuel, and the TPMS lamp is still on (tire pressure is definitely ok). After 15-20 minutes, the problem resolves itself and the car can be started.

    This situation occurred twice, after which the car was diagnosed at Nissan station. It was connected into the computer, but it gave no information, as the problem occured only for a short period of time. However, after replacing the battery in the car key, the alarm stopped working and after some time I couldn’t start my car – this time it still wouldn’t start after a few minutes.

    Then the car battery was replaced, but still nothing worked. At first, guys at the station suspected the BCM to malfunction, but after I delivered second key, it seemed that the first one wasn’t working, so duplicating the key solved the issue.

    For less than three months everything was working fine. Two days ago the same problem occurred and resolved itself after a few minutes. Unfortunately since yesterday I can’t start my car.

    I have no idea what’s going on. I guess BCM module or IPDM board may be the issue, but I can't find anything that could be similar to my problem. Has anyone seen or read about anything similar?

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    We dont have 13 K13 Micra with 1.2 engine and even with tpms in Canada. Thats totally different beast.

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