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Thread: 20 Most popular topics of 2020!

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    20 Most popular topics of 2020!

    Another lap around the sun!

    2020 was a crazy time for many of us. I hope 2021 will be better for everyone.

    Here are the topics that got members talking (or reading) during the year:

    See also:

    Without further ado...

    1) Self isolation additions (Micra projects during Covid!)

    Richard kept us up to date with multiple improvements to his Micra while at home with extra time on his hands!

    5296 views ... 26 replies ... latest post
    Started Mar 29, 2020, by Richard in General Discussion

    2) Tough Cold Starts

    Multiple owners have experienced starting problems when the temperature is just below freezing, and the dealership hasn't been able to solve it.

    6707 views ... 22 replies
    Started Nov 6, 2019, by Weirdoh55 in General Technical Discussion

    3) want to make more power

    Any advice for a new owner who wants a bit more oomph?

    3501 views ... 23 replies ... latest post
    Started Aug 28, 2020, by brady in Engines & Transmissions

    4) No AC in my Micra - any way to add it?

    Can you add air conditioning to a car that didn't come with it from the factory?

    2076 views ... 21 replies ... latest post
    Started Oct 9, 2020, by nico in Micra Specifications and Options

    5) Transmission cooling line leak

    Speg had a leak that caused the car to get low on transmission oil & break down.

    2121 views ... 22 replies ... latest post
    Started Nov 6, 2020, by Speg in General Technical Discussion

    6) First post! thinking of possible getting a micra..some info/advice pls...

    Any suggestions for fabchef?

    1306 views ... 19 replies ... latest post
    Started Dec 16, 2020, by fabchef in General Technical Discussion

    7) Recommendations on first oil change for brand new car?

    Do you go by the book , or change the oil/filter early so your new engine has the cleanest start at lirfe?

    977 views ... 14 replies ... latest post
    Started Dec 14, 2020, by jesse1d in Engines & Transmissions

    8) Seeing an SR Micra for parts soon, anyone need anything?

    More Micras have been showing up in junk yards, and are a source of parts for owners to upgrade!

    3311 views ... 14 replies ... latest post
    Started Jun 13, 2020, by miklo in For Sale / Wanted / Web Finds

    9) P0101 fault code (Mass Air Flow sensor MAF?) Solved: plugged cat converter!

    Several owners have had problems with this trouble code. See how they solved it.

    Started May 6, 2020, by Gary in General Technical Discussion
    4017 views ... 24 replies

    10) Potentially looking to become a Micra owner! (UPDATE: bought one)

    Name:  2830.jpg
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    See what convinced Vaszya to decide to join the Micra family!

    2993 views ... 12 replies ... latest post
    Started May 17, 2020, by Vaszya in General Discussion

    11) Noisy Cabin Blower Motor on 2015 Micra? Replacement?

    Several owners have reported this problem as well.

    3989 views ... 11 replies ... latest post
    Started Nov 17, 2019, by Dustin in General Technical Discussion

    12) Espelir Super Downsus lowering spring kit installed!

    NBGuy89 reports on installing lowering springs to his Micra.

    2639 views ... 11 replies ... latest post
    Started Jun 5, 2020, by NBGuy89 in General Discussion

    13) New catalytic converter

    Read about VanIsleMicra's frustrating attempt to add a catback exhaust.

    2245 views ... 10 replies ... latest post
    Started May 31, 2020, by VanIsleMicra in General Technical Discussion

    14) Installed a New Stereo and Speakers

    JOEMAMA reports on this DIY audio upgrade.

    1198 views ... 10 replies ... latest post
    Started Nov 13, 2020, by JOEMAMA in Audio, Video, Navigation, Instruments

    15) TIRES (Advice for all-season tire that sees snow only occasionally?)

    Any advice for patty?

    1163 views ... 9 replies ... latest post
    Started Dec 3, 2020, by patty in General Discussion

    16) 16 inch wheels and speedometer calibration

    Is it necessary to recalibrate the speedometer after changing wheel size? How do you do it?

    525 views ... 8 replies ... latest post
    Started Dec 22, 2020, by jesse1d in Wheels, Tires, Brakes, Suspension & Steering

    17) Clutch disconnected (pedal resting on the floor)- any suggestions?

    Have you had any clutch issues with your Micra? Nichol never reported back on what the problem was.

    2444 views ... 8 replies ... latest post
    Started Dec 7, 2019, by nichol in Engines & Transmissions

    18) Micra to be replaced by new Versa sedan in Nissan Canada's line-up

    With the Micra cancelled, the Versa returns as Nissan's entry level car.

    3126 views ... 8 replies ... latest post
    Started Feb 13, 2020, by MetroMPG in Micra News

    19) Power steering failiure (solved)

    Several owners have had problems with the electronic power steering. The cause is sometimes a loose battery connection.

    2542 views ... 7 replies ... latest post
    Started Nov 21, 2019, by 2zy2 in Wheels, Tires, Brakes, Suspension & Steering

    20) Can you add A/C to the Micra S / manual transmission?

    Another AC thread!

    1257 views ... 8 replies ... latest post
    Started Sep 15, 2020, by brady in General Technical Discussion


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    whatever MetroMPG does....and a few people who lifted the car (tiny suv!!)

    2015 Micra S (manual)
    no A/C /no power options/ block heater/4x 2 Ohm speakers...all factory stock in 2015
    Feb 2015 build
    9,999 purchase price + additional 1600$ because it was a 2015 purchased in 2016
    so receipt says $8,399....+1600 .... so they look good i guess...for a brand new car!

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