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Thread: Driver Side A pillar Water Leak at Top. (Update: solved.)

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    Just an update, It was decided by the dealer to not replace the headliner or airbag. They apparently removed the rubber roof strips on both sides & the technician said he found a few other suspect areas that were all resealed.
    Any mould found was cleaned up & sprayed with a material they use.
    I was told I can bring the car back if the problem returns.
    I think a key factor here was calling Nissan Canada & getting a case number, the Service manager asked for it.
    I took this picture the day before I took the car in, appears to be some minor staining on the airbag. Certainly not soaked.

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    so you have it written down "watermark on side airbag" by the dealer AND a pretty good picture. I would send that information to nissan canada and ask them to verify the airbag is still safe.

    what did they say "if anything" about the airbag on the recent workorder ?did it say they even checked the airbag ?visually even?

    if you want the airbag replaced they will replace be honest if its all watersoaked (or was) it SHOULD be replaced..i dont knowmuch about airbags, but you dont want it all gummed together if it goes off...IF it goes off, did the ignitor part get wet?..corroded?

    funny how originally it had to go to the bodyshop they said

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    9,999 purchase price + additional 1600$ because it was a 2015 purchased in 2016
    so receipt says $8,399....+1600 .... so they look good i guess...for a brand new car!

    Covid 19...she up on blocks!!!

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