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Thread: Rattling noise not air intake

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    Rattling noise not air intake

    Hey fellow micra mates. Read all your posts and love them all. I have owned 2 new micras in 3 years now and id love to share a experince with youall. Had a 2018 sv new,and couldnt figure out this ratling going on for a year...i knew the injectors were very loud but the rattling drove me crazy only when the car was cold. So i traded that micra in for a kicks which was a stupid mistake. Only because the cvt transmission was like a rubber band and had problems from day one.
    Skip to 2019,again traded that kicks box for a red sr
    ,probably the last of the geared transmissions,btw both automatic. So going threw these articles again came across the gentleman with the vibrating air intake tube the one over batery. Had to stuff something underneath to see if it would stop. And it didnt.
    I grabbebed a light and under dash (drivers side) where heat duct was,held it with my hand a voila noise was gone. Try that guys both micras had that vibration and that duct to the right of acelerator is the culprit.
    I do have many other things i tinkered with my red micca i will be sharing soon. Please keep posting.....excellent articles. Thanks for reading🙂.

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    there is a bunch of things..dash mostly..that seems to rattle, vibrate or buzz,especially after its been jacked up (change tire..etc) but it seems to settle back down... the noises mean the car is running..take hope!

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    so receipt says $8,399....+1600 .... so they look good i guess...for a brand new car!

    Covid 19...she up on blocks!!!

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