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Thread: Sentra/Versa CVT Extended Warranty

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    Sentra/Versa CVT Extended Warranty

    Personally I think Nissan should have to increase the warranty to 10Yr/120K warranty like they did on the older model CVT's. They've known for years these transmissions are problematic yet they do nothing about it. Any car should last a minimum of 100K miles without a major component failure so that's the absolute minimum they should be held responsible for repairs/replacement especially on an extended warranty. I owned a car with over 500K miles on it that never had an engine or transmission rebuild/replacement and have had other cars with over 200K and many cars with over 100K miles. My Versa has a CVT. I haven't had any problems with it but 17.8K miles isn't enough miles to make me very comfortable with the transmission yet. Some may ask why I bought a car with the CVT if I was concerned about the longevity of them and the reason is I bought this car on short notice and didn't do my homework before making the purchase.


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    Nissan's CVT's have hurt their reputation, deservedly so.

    I always advise friends/family to avoid vehicles with belt & pulley CVT's if they're (A) buying an older, used vehicle, or (B) planning to keep a new vehicle for a long time.

    I just steered my sister away from a Mitsubishi RVR (I think you call them Outlander Sport in the US) for that reason.


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