Thread: Spotted any Micras in the wild? Pics? (Not your own car!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilGeckos View Post
    Seen a few more but only got piks of this one:

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    oh man I want side striping like that so badly but have NO IDEA where to get it done or a cost estimate. Could do it myself as im an artist with a keen eye but ya know how it can be lol

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    Agreed: I LOVE that white with stripe.

    Reminds me of a VW Rabbit I had where I copied the GTI stripe:

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    (Not my car).

    I would go to a sign shop and get them to cut you a strip of vinyl. Or order some online. It can't be that expensive to give it a try!

    Have you priced getting the stripe part from the dealer? It is a dealer accessory.


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