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Thread: A brief history of the Nissan Micra

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    A brief history of the Nissan Micra

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    Images: Wikipedia, Nissan / Information source:

    34 years, 6 million (plus) Micras

    If you want to talk Micra history, you have to know your K-cars!

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    No, not those K-cars.

    The K10 through K13 codes simply refer to each of the four generations of Micras produced to date. Another name-related bit of trivia you need to know is the car goes by the name "March" in its Japanese home market and throughout most of Asia and Latin America.

    K10: 1982 - 1992

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    • Introduced October 1982
    • The body was originally designed for Fiat
    • Sold in Canada between 1984 - 1991
    • In various countries it was equipped with 4-cylinder engines ranging from 0.9L, 1.0L to 1.2L, with a 5-speed manual or 3-speed automatic transmission
    • This generation weighed as little as 1,488 lb (675 kg)

    K11: 1992 - 2002

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    • The second generation got an expanded engine & transmission range, including the first diesel (Europe) & CVT transmission
    • It won several international awards, including the first Japanese car to win the European Car of the Year
    • This generation offered optional power steering initially; by the end of its run it was standard
    • Even a convertible version was offered in Japan

    K12: 2002 - 2010

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    • More adventurous styling was one of the biggest differences on the third generation car, particularly the unusual headlight placement
    • The range of engines continued to grow as well, now up to 6 were available in various countries
    • Even a 4-wheel drive version was produced from 2002 on.
    • A folding hard top convertible, the Micra C+C (coupe convertible) was offered beginning in 2005
    • The 1.6L HR16DE engine (the one in the Canadian K13 Micra) makes its first apperance in the Micra SR performance model in Europe

    K13: 2010 - 2016

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    • The current generation car is sold in 160+ countries
    • Unlike previous generations, only one K13 body style is offered: a 4-door hatchback
    • It's the first Micra to have North American production (in Mexico)
    • In 2013 the car received a "facelift" that included new headlights and grille design
    • In January 2014, the company announced the return of the Micra to Canada, as the country's least expensive new car

    K14: 2016 -


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    I'm still jealous that we didn't get the K11 or K12 here in Canada.

    In our culture obsessed with absurd excess, the Nissan Micra is my counterculture car of choice.
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    4wd K12 sounds like so much fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daox View Post
    4wd K12 sounds like so much fun!
    That would be awesome for dealing with winter.

    An old co-worker long ago had a K10. It was in 05 I think it was when he had it. It was funny. I'm not sure what happened with the car because it was gone and he was driving a Mazda Protege.

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