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  1. flat towing / dinghy towing a 2015-17 Nissan Micra
  2. Micra modifications, customizations & DIY list
  3. How the micra is made.
  4. a/c weird noise
  5. Undercoating
  6. Loose cable/connection? (behind the grille)
  7. Car alarm with Remote starter on Manual Transmission
  8. battery troubles
  9. Installing options after purchase (A/C? Power locks?)
  10. Speakers and radio suggestion
  11. First problem with the car... (clicking from steering wheel)
  12. Speedo and tach acting up
  13. 2nd Airbag light (passenger airbag light sensitivity)
  14. Nissan Micra Service Repair Manuals and Spare Parts Catalog
  15. Reading DTC codes without a scan tool (check engine light)
  16. 2 warranty issues - Micra 2015 SV (headlights; loose bolt)
  17. scratched side skirt
  18. Clutch slipping while flogging..
  19. Search workshop manual canadian
  20. Understanding Wheel and Tire Specs (CanadaWheels Video Series)
  21. Dont loose your key.
  22. The micra sneaks sales out from the versa...
  23. Has anyone had issues with the radio presets deleting?
  24. Locking sound is gone.
  25. Loose Heat Shield
  26. Nissan/infinity Fast For Windows
  27. Has anyone bought new brakes yet?
  28. How to remove a phone from the bar bluetooth?
  29. Battery relocation
  30. Your favorite road trip toys
  31. After a year and a rough winter..
  32. Exact micra cup performance parts available (from MIA - NISMO)
  33. Rear fog light retrofit
  34. tite lumiere! (small light LED replacement in headlight assembly?)
  35. RPM weirdness (automatic trans: high RPM at 60 km/h after cold start)
  36. Battery died after 2 weeks without driving...
  37. Before you modify...
  38. Anyone know how to pull the bulbs for the parking and marker lights
  39. Anyone else having these problems? (Windows, USB, Keys)
  40. "Improper muffler" HTA 75(1) / "unnecessary noise" HTA 75(4)
  41. Does anyone know how to open the Micra key?
  42. suspension click sound (noise on bumps) SOLVED -- sway bar bushing
  43. Can you convert 1 window from crank to power?
  44. questions on frozen wheels
  45. Big White @ garage.. goddamn towing guys
  46. Questions For Your Micra? Ask This Nissan Parts Guy!
  47. need help sr spoiler on micra s
  48. Heres a crazy idea..
  49. I will be super happy if...
  50. Anyone ever tried these things
  51. Replacement of 3rd Brake Light
  52. Third toy arrived!!: Key Fob!
  53. Fuel Gauge Problems after Rear End Collision...
  54. NISMO Grill Badge (HOW TO)
  55. Aftermarket parts (cold air intake or coilover?)
  56. Mirror Shaking
  57. What exactly am I paying my dealership 209.85 for [16K service]?
  58. +5hp instantly with one cheap mod.
  59. Dash lights out.
  60. No Beepy when Locky!
  61. can you hear your gas....?
  62. Problem 2003 micra won't start
  63. Rental car test: Hyundai Elantra
  64. Want to buy a Micra, is it loud @ 120km/h?
  65. New automobile sales
  66. A wolf in sheeps clothing.
  67. Micra SVR ??
  68. More Power for the Micra! (Electrical that is!)
  69. 2016 Micra Nismo Parts
  70. Throttle Control
  71. Things be getting wider.
  72. Wheel bearing
  73. Electrical wiring schematics and computer module locations
  74. What bulbs are in the Micra?
  75. Pet peeve (A/C light always on)
  76. Break-In Feel - Is it tight?
  77. In-Cabin Air Filters
  78. Nissan VIN decoded, mostly...
  79. Engine temperature question
  80. Lock beep
  81. WTF...not critical, but depressing!!
  82. 5w-20 too thin even durring winter?
  83. Clunking Noise when turning wheel SOLVED (floor mat + steering column)
  84. Micra rear drum brakes
  85. Dust and mud and stuff.... (Better sound insulation?)
  86. Problems already? Weird noise on start-up
  87. Nissan Key Blanks...where to buy?
  88. New owner looking at a Curt hitch
  89. AWD K13 Micra in Japan!
  90. Micra parts and Versa parts interchangeable?
  91. Wheel Bearing Specs
  92. NASA engineer invents nicest car horn ever
  93. My oil change schedule, or theirs?
  94. At first sight, what have others said about your Micra.
  95. Front Bumper Access panel
  96. What's the fastest you've driven your Micra?
  97. Mobil 1 synthetic oil, good for 20 000km ??
  98. Luggage Lamp
  99. Debunking the K&N Myth Why OEM is Better
  100. Sound Proofing
  101. 2016 Micra audio stereo head unit wire chart
  102. Has anyone had an ECU work performed?
  103. Hello everyone & quick question about Micra Cup Micra
  104. LED Road Flares at Princess Auto for $20.00
  105. Do Micra have the ATF or transmission dipstick?
  106. Have anyone think of putting the Juke Turbo engine into the Micra?
  107. I am having an issue with the passenger side headlamps
  108. Do this car have Hill start assist?
  109. having a LOT of trouble with getting quality wipers....or maybe it's just me?
  110. Is there a market for an unused Micra key fob?
  111. Throttle Actuator Control Motor Circuit Issue (First problem with '17 Micra 5MT)
  112. Bent Micra key.....*Puzzled face***
  113. Nissan Micra K13 FSM
  114. Dear other Micra Owner from Calgary, AB. Your parking sucks!!! Rant!!!
  115. Drove away with block heater cord still plugged in.
  116. Fram air filter March 2016
  117. Crush washer for drain plug
  118. Broken Side Mirror / Epoxy
  119. Latin NCAP demonstrates the consequences of lack of safety standards in the region: N
  120. New Battery Fun
  121. Micra Underside Photos
  122. speedometer off or not
  123. Odyssey PC680 battery - size vs. OEM
  124. Battery Removal Q (engine no-start problem - SOLVED)
  125. Cold start with ethanol fuel
  126. complete wiper or rubber insert only...these are the questions
  127. Body control Module Problem
  128. Central front/rear jack points? (For using a floor jack)
  129. You have a Micra now. Would your next car be a Micra? Buy another one in the future?
  130. Manual gear oil fill location?
  131. has anyone changed micra spark plugs?
  132. Recommended oil for 2017 Micra?
  133. Semi failure of the backup camera, 2015 SV automatic
  134. Water dripping on foot when running AC. (SOLVED: blocked drain hose)
  135. Fan Blower - not working properly
  136. resetting you nissan micra k13 is very easy
  137. Roof Rack - Yakima
  138. so who ISNT getting the airbag recall done ?
  139. foggy windshield : full airflow does not clear on cold or humid days
  140. Fogging up in here
  141. Exhaust Options - Muffler Flange Failure & Replacement Options
  142. Air Filter Condition after 33,000 km
  143. Rear Windshield Wiper Motor (stopped working - will motor from Versa Note fit?)
  144. Snow blown inside the Micra (through the vents!) - complete fog-up
  145. ABS sound on ice, is it that bad of a grinding sound?
  146. Rawtek exhaust owners: how is it?
  147. Dash squeaks in colder temperature