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  1. Journalist sees 2015 Micra as reason to avoid hybrids & electric cars (Globe & Mail)
  2. New Micra? Or just new to North America?
  3. Micra Commercials
  4. Report: 2015 Nissan Micra $10K Minicar For Canada--Paid For By Smart?
  5. Micra running costs comparison vs. competitors (cost of ownership)
  6. The 3 least expensive (cheapest) new cars in Canada: Micra, Spark, Mirage
  7. Nissan is still thinking about selling the Micra in the U.S. (or are they?)
  8. Jalopnik: The Cheapest Horsepower You Can Buy Today (includes Versa 1.6L)
  9. Datsun name revived: Datsun "Go" is a super cheap Micra
  10. Best selling cars in Holland show what's in stock for Canada
  11. 10 lightest cars in Canada 2014 / 2015 (vs. Nissan Micra)
  12. Other Micra sites
  13. Win a Nissan Micra (ireland)
  14. What do you think of the Micra's looks?
  15. How can Nissan sell the Micra for $10,000 and still make money?
  16. Weird food clad Micra
  17. Poll: Autoweek wants to know if Americans would buy a $9100 Nissan Micra
  18. 2015 Nissan Micra in Quebec: la belle province will dominate Canadian sales
  19. Ask your phone about your car: Nissan Micra iManual owner's manual
  20. Stunt driving!
  21. Quick Walkaround (video)
  22. The 2015 Nissan Micra is cheaper to buy than a 1984 Hyundai Pony
  23. Video: Micra from Mexico -- How Canada’s cheapest car is built (driving.ca)
  24. Got Micra questions? Post them here to get answers from a Nissan Canada expert
  25. Bigger, "better" used car instead of a new Micra? Think again.
  26. Photo: the first Canadian Micra off the assembly line
  27. Micras hold their value
  28. Micra at Smiths Falls Nissan (ON) - asked about arrival: last week of April
  29. A brief history of the Nissan Micra
  30. Have you seen/heard any new Micra ads/commercials yet?
  31. First dealer to have a Micra?
  32. "Build your Micra" tool/configurator now available on Nissan's site
  33. Article: Is Nissan's $9,998 car the start of an entry-level price war? (Globe & Mail)
  34. First drive playlist
  35. My New Micra (Red Alert SV automatic, Hamilton)
  36. Test drove it, bought it: 2015 Micra SV automatic
  37. Micra Vs...
  38. Has anyone seen my Micra?
  39. Where is the Canadian Micra assembled?
  40. Micra SR vs Yaris SE
  41. If you bought the base model - how would you modify/customize it and why?
  42. Canadian Micras getting additional quality control inspections
  43. Classic K10 Micra with an interesting story shown at the Montreal launch
  44. Good Job Nissan!
  45. Still being held back from buying...(note is the problem)
  46. Love the spare tire!
  47. Hate spare tire
  48. Micra is the Bee's Knees
  49. Ha. Nissan's giving away 3 Micras in "Win a Micra" contest
  50. Will our Micras do this?
  51. Upgrading or Downgrading or First Timer?
  52. Micra Arrives in Edmonton
  53. Micras - they'll last forever
  54. CBC: Micras doing well in New Brunswick
  55. Jalopnik readers' thoughts on the Micra
  56. Spotted any Micras in the wild? Pics? (Not your own car!)
  57. Exporting nissan micra
  58. The truth about buying a safer car
  59. just bought my micra!
  60. Hot Micra has ignited a sub-$10k price war
  61. Planning to borrow a Micra SR automatic for a week...
  62. Any base model no frills 2015 Micra owners here?
  63. Micra father's day
  64. Is anyone here a guru when it comes to dealing with dealers?
  65. PLZ ANSWER... how long should i expect to wait for a factory order?
  66. yup...people hate Micra's! (funny story)
  67. The Evil Twin...
  68. good small compass accessory?
  69. Happy (Micra) Canada Day!
  70. Versa Note SR is out!!!
  71. Micra meet in Bancroft
  72. 6 ridiculous cars you can buy for the Nissan Micra’s price
  73. Just A Warning (dealer trade not materializing)
  74. Nissan "Micro" -- heard that one yet?
  75. Nissan may have miscalculated... (manual vs. automatic demand)
  76. The roots of our Micra
  77. Nissan Micras (two!) competing at Targa Newfoundland 2014
  78. What 3 things do you wish Nissan had done to make your Micra better?
  79. Wanting to Buy a Micra
  80. Quebec car buyers are more like Europeans... some stats
  81. I must have bad luck.
  82. Micra rentals
  83. Team Nissan Targa Day One
  84. Drive It Like You Stole It
  85. Team Nissan Targa Brigus Stage
  86. Washin' the Micra race car.
  87. Jim Parsons Strikes Again
  88. Nissan Pulsar (Versa?) Nismo Concept at Paris Auto Show
  89. Wtf?
  90. Any discount off MSRP?
  91. Any Reddit users?
  92. First used Micra? Base S manual for $11k with 18517 km
  93. Are there differences in the K13 by Country?
  94. Time to update the site?
  95. Watch out for the oil pan!
  96. Winter floor mats
  97. I just fit a dishwasher in my micra!
  98. Micra concept
  99. Rear Window Sprayer (gush vs. spray?)
  100. Micra in the snow & ice -- how does it drive / handle?
  101. Micra rendezvous Quebec ouest / Ontario est?
  102. Consumer Reports hates the Versa... I wonder what they'd think of the Micra...
  103. Micra Garage stats overview... forum members love their 5-speeds, SR's and base S's
  104. Rumour mill: Micra NISMO dealer package coming
  105. New Micra Ad
  106. block heater problem (where to pass the cord outside?)
  107. Micra Meets (Ontario / Quebec) suggest them here
  108. Nissan Micra vs. Versa Note comparison ... Did you consider a Note?
  109. Poll: did you use this forum to research your Micra decision?
  110. How many kilometers/km on your Micra so far?
  111. Racing Micras at the Montreal Auto Show
  112. Mazda updates the competition - redesigned 2016 Mazda 2
  113. Micra Quebec Racing Schedule Announced
  114. Hyundai joins the fight: $9400 base Accent deal
  115. Jalopnik: "Nissan Will Import Mexican Dealerships To The US"
  116. Anybody else sick and tired of winter?
  117. Battery booster (lithium pack)
  118. Guess it is time to tell (bad dealership experience)
  119. Chart: Micra's effect on sales of Nissan's other small cars (vs. Versa, Sentra)
  120. Ha! We win!
  121. The Black Cheap - update
  122. How's your Micra's stability on the highway? (Frequent negative comment in reviews.)
  123. Starting to see factory discounts/incentives on new Micras
  124. My Commute
  125. Financing the base S model
  126. Manual "s" $10k - how much did you pay...
  127. The Micra Wave.
  128. Micra warranty repairs -- have you had any done? Or trouble-free so far?
  129. NISSAN MICRA CUP Sneak Peek
  130. Nearly Crashing a Micra Racecar- Series Review
  131. adjust clutch pedal?
  132. 2015 Micra meet: Sunday June 14, Loyalist Parkway (Belleville/Picton area)
  133. micra font
  134. Review of nissanparts.ca
  135. The last car with wind-up windows? (Are your Micra's window cranks a novelty?)
  136. First well second car? Is that thing a lawnmower
  137. Strange, interesting, odd quirks & features of the Micra
  138. Nissan Humor
  139. A new Micra driver
  140. Micra meet for final Micra cup weekend Sept. 26 ,27 Mont Tremblant Quebec
  141. My Windows were smashed last night......
  142. Bad luck with my Micra
  143. Front passenger head restraint
  144. 500km round-trip road trip in the Candy Apple Micra.
  145. Anyone else move to a Micra from a Honda Fit? I'm considering this..and have some ?'s
  146. Micra Cup Feature On Motoring TV
  147. Are we "connected"? (Can the Micra be hacked?)
  148. What changes can we expect in the 2016 Micra?
  149. Nissan Oem Accesorie Site Web Canada only
  150. 2500 km roadtrip. Micra Camper mode.
  151. off road micra
  152. What's the longest trip you've taken in your Micra "city car"
  153. A&W Cruisin' to end MS August 27th
  154. Loan has to have Extended Warrenty
  155. My open letter to Nissan Canada.
  156. Waterloo: looking for advice on pricing a Micra SV automatic
  157. Micra's limited choices of color.
  158. Traded In Our Micra
  159. Vidéo promotionnelle - La Coupe Nissan Micra à Propulsion
  160. Auto vs Manual (trading Micra 5MT for automatic or something else)
  161. Baby 1
  162. Nobody loves their car as much as a Micra Owner.
  163. Fear the Porcipine
  164. The wife owns the micra now!!!
  165. Micra Photography
  166. Potential Buyer Questions
  167. Brockville Nissan UPDATE: opening 2016. (city's newest dealership)
  168. Contest: win 1 of 3 Micras from TOTAL (ON, PQ & eastern Canada; online entry)
  169. Discounts at all?
  170. 'Murica
  171. Brace Yourself. Winter is coming. (Emergency Kit Ideas)
  172. How does the Micra drive in winter?
  173. Happy Birthdday from Nissan
  174. my cursed Micra
  175. Sound insulation in roof
  176. K10 Micra in the Trailer Park boys
  177. Rental Car! 2015 Yaris vs. Micra comparison... Miss my Micra!
  178. Salon International de l'Auto 2016 (Montreal Auto Show)
  179. 2016 Canadian Intl. Auto Show
  180. Sunglass Holder?
  181. The mini Micra goes to the Garage for its Entrance Exam
  182. Happy new year everyone!!
  183. New year Micra resolutions?
  184. GM fights back: $9995 2016 Chevrolet Spark Canada's cheapest new car
  185. Thailand Micra/March modifications
  186. RESOLVED. Need Pro Bono Lawyer for possible Arbitration against Nissan
  187. Too close for comfort
  188. New plates arrived today! Pic of old & new
  189. New owner, looking for advice on roof racks/bike racks
  190. Eastern Ontario Meet (loyalist parkway June 5 2016)
  191. ZCCR Motorfest 2016 (Watkins Glen/Jonathan Krenzer Memorial Car Show July 9/10 2016)
  192. Percentage of Micras sold with manual vs. automatic transmissions
  193. New micra for $7,998 cash only!!!
  194. Mirage - $8995 starting price!
  195. Dear Nissan: (Future Micra's)
  196. British columbia micra owners
  197. Rattle from rear
  198. GTA meet (Forks of the Credit April 24 2016)
  199. Do I need to go 'fishing' behind the bumper for the lost zip ties?
  200. Do you guys carry a shovel in the car for winter?
  201. Micra vow
  202. Starting in the Cold, making noise
  203. I lost a hubcap from my new Micra s
  204. For the Micra owner who has everything.
  205. Aftermarket mufflers?
  206. Micra Cup rookie driver rollover & recovery story (video)
  207. I need help with imported micra
  208. What a knob
  209. Can you ID this aftermarket shift knob?
  210. Micra Cup race 1&2 Calabogie. May 14/15 Meetup?
  211. Pretty cool trip in a K12 Micra
  212. How to avoid ding and dents at parking lots
  213. Nissan to buy controlling stake in Mitsubishi
  214. Is it true Micra is banned from auto-x?
  215. What is the difference between the 2015 and 2016 Micra in Canada?
  216. Micra Cup race 3&4 Mont Tremblant. May 28/29 Meetup?
  217. Houston we have a sun roof!
  218. race day and smoke's poutine
  219. What can you fit in your Micra?
  220. Great White Buffalo
  221. just for fun!
  222. Mosport Micra Cup Meetup (July 10 2016)
  223. June 19 Micra Cup St. Eustache Quebec
  224. Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!
  225. No love from SUV drivers?
  226. So many add ons, how does one decide? I know you do it for me!
  227. Good Micra news: Versa has one of the lowest maintenance costs
  228. March club race day in Thailand
  229. Micra-Forum Track Days (lapping/time-attack/auto-slalom)
  230. Crack pipe! FS: right hand drive 1998 K11 Micra/March for $7k
  231. First oil change. Dixie/401 Nissan
  232. new car shopping (Micra vs. Fit, Civic, Mazda 3, Spark, Sonic, Corolla, Yaris)
  233. Someone hit my car today.
  234. My day at CTMP with Nissan.
  235. Edmonton to Halifax in a Micra
  236. Why is the Versa sedan/Note selling like hotcakes in the US?
  237. I wanna breathe fire too!
  238. Nissan Third Eye 3E (HUD glasses for drivers)
  239. Classique d'automne Meetup (Mont Tremblant Sept 23-25)
  240. About washing this car...
  241. Parting is such sweet sorrow.
  242. Mosport meet September
  243. Driving Tips for Manual, Auto and CVT
  244. Micra Stories
  245. TSN`s Motoring TV Features Micra Cup at Mosport
  246. One of these things is not like the other. 🎶
  247. My daughters first car
  248. Micra custom exhaust sound
  249. Drag Racing Micra! 1/4 mile
  250. Flying SOLO: Electra Meccanica’s Three-Wheeler Goes on Sale