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Thread: The Black Cheap :: 2015 Nissan Micra S (Garage entry)

  1. General Information
    The Black Cheap
    Micra S
    Five Speed Manual

    Came with colour matched mirrors, door handles, grill and TIRES.


    Didn't have to do any, it's black

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    Colour matched tires. Awesome line, man! You know, I be stealing that for everyday use.

    I like black cars too, and all the other little bits being molded in black sealed the deal for me. Did not even consider for one second, buying a car in any other colour, that has a million contrasting bits all over. Spend the big $ on an SR and you get a non colour matched spoiler of all things? WTF.

    Anyway, welcome aboard BBS
    Ten Grand Tin Can


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    And I just noticed: you're the 60th Micra in our garage. Congrats!


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