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Thread: New Micra Owner

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    New Micra Owner

    Recently purchased this car here in Canada. I was astounded by the price, and when we went to test drive the car as a possible second vehicle for my wife (replacing a beloved '89 VW Cabrio) we were quite pleased with the driving dynamics.

    We are quite pleased with the drive away price, paying $12,800 CDN ($11,980 USD/7184) taxes in, delivered and licenced. Do note this was for the S model, which is the bare bones manual transmission, manual windows/locks version.

    The car has been fantastic so far as a city car, responding well so far in an Ontario winter. It doesn't try to be all things to all people, it focuses on providing a small, reliable car that drives well. A sort of automotive purity that I appreciate, my other vehicle being a Jeep Wranger that has the same purist focus without trying to please everyone.

    Definitely shows manufacturers like Mitsubishi that inexpensive doesn't have to mean cheap.

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    Hi, Evilbred -

    I don't suppose you're the one with the grey one on highway 2 between Gan & Kingston that I keep seeing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Evilbred View Post
    (replacing a beloved '89 VW Cabrio)
    Old school! I had one of those, years back. I went through a Rabbit phase in my late high school/university days: I used to buy one, fix it up, drive it for a while, sell, rinse & repeat. I think I went through 6 of them. Fun little cars, and easy to work on.

    Hope you'll consider making a garage entry for your Micra: add car

    Welcome to the forum!



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