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any advice for pulling ?...i still havent pulled my 2015...and the new head unit just sits getting dusty..nervous!

what are you planning?
What are you installing alongside your new headunit?

After a bunch of trial and error I got a Sony WX-920BT double din installed with a PAC SWI-RC steering wheel interface.
Had to disconnect and splice the connector going to the bluetooth module which was really fun, tearing up the carpet.
Rear left seat bolt on the passenger side (T50 only, no socket) seized.

I did use the orange/white illumination wire on my deck harness to the Metra harness orange.

12V ACC on the vehicle harness is actually a blue wire, not red (I forget what pin, all the documentation is in my car).
You'll notice pretty quick when you pair up the Metra adapter.

The blue wire on the antenna harness is your ground for everything.