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Thread: DIY: Turning your Micra into a micro cargo van... rear seat removal

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    DIY: Turning your Micra into a micro cargo van... rear seat removal

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    As promised in the review notes of the SR Micra automatic that Nissan loaned me, here are instructions for converting your Micra into more of a cargo hauler.


    I know a carpenter whose work truck used to be his 1996 Geo Metro, proving you can fit a surprising amount of stuff into a little hatchback. (AlphaMicra has already demonstrated this several times with his Micra.)

    Unfortunately, we're not quite as lucky as Euro Micra owners, whose cars have "fold AND flip" rear seats that make it possible to configure the cargo area in more useful ways than our simple folding seat backs.

    But for lots more Micra cargo space, you can take out the rear seat entirely. It's not difficult -- I've owned lots of small hatchbacks, and this is something I've done to every one of them at some point or another to stuff in the maximum amount of stuff.

    Here's how:

    1. Remove the rear seat cushion

    This is pretty easy. It's held in place at the front by two clips, and at the rear simply from being tucked underneath the seat back.

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    To release the cushion tabs from their clips, tug straight upward sharply -- roughly in the center of the two outside seating positions.

    NOTE: some owners have found the above directions difficult. Here's an alternate method:

    Quote Originally Posted by Big black bear View Post
    I found it easier, for me, to take first the back end [of the cushion] out by lifting up. Then, standing outside the car, with the door opened, from the each side (both front and back of the cushion in the same time using both hands), pushing the cushion from the bottom up. Using the metal stand as a support for my hands. It took a big push, but I didn't damage anything.
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    (Shows the two metal tabs on the bottom of the cushion.)

    Once the leading edge is loose, pull it forward to "un-tuck" it from the rear seat back.

    Remove the cushion through a side door.

    Name:  cargo-cushion-clasps.jpg
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    (Shows detail of the plastic clips that hold the metal tabs.)

    2. Remove six bolts for the seat back

    (Sorry, I forgot to write down the bolt size.)

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    Remove these, except just loosen and leave the opposite two outer bolts in place for last.

    3. Remove rear 60/40 seat back

    Best done with two people.

    This part can be tricky because of the 60/40 split sections. It's a bit like handling a heavy, wet noodle that has sharp metal protrusions (the hinges that bolt to the floor) which will scratch up your Micra if you're not careful!

    It will help if the person on the "40%" side grasps the top of the seat back at the 60/40 divide with one hand to prevent the two sections from flopping in different directions.

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    Remove the last two outer bolts, release the two "fold down" latches and lift the seatback out the side door toward the "40%" side.

    4. Cargo! Cargo! Cargo!

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    Reinstallation is the opposite of removal.


    Another reason some people may remove the rear seat is for weight reduction. Track day? Marginally better fuel economy? More cargo space? It's all the same.

    I didn't weigh the two seat sections. The lower cushion doesn't weigh much at all (5 lbs?); the 60/40 seat back is quite a bit heavier though.

    For ultimate cargo space, you could take out the front passenger seat as well.

    Enjoy your Cargo Micra!


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