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Thread: What gas do you buy

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    I was surprised to find no difference in fuel mileage between the cheap ethanol based Husky 87 or Shell 87 vs Chevron 94 octane.

    I read on one of the many threads, that someone got a lot more mileage running on high octane gas. So I ran a few tanks of 94 octane at high, high prices and was surprised to find literally no difference in mileage or performance. In the end, it is a "fuel good thing" (pardon the pun). My Micra has 26,000km on it. I'll try again when I have 100K and see if there is any reportable difference.
    but did you try shell m91 with no ethanol


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    supreme does NOTHING in the micra besides lighten your wallet faster....The comments on "crap gas" are people who have no knowledge of gasoline and its workings. USE REGULAR.

    In the micra, Regular gas makes more power, burns hotter, cleaner and gets you the best milage you will get from it. If anyone says otherwise, they are 1. uninformed or 2. Lying.

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