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    My 2015 battery is still running strong according to last checkup. But I will need one sometine.
    I read that these batteries are "different"....and I am wondering if there would be any problem if battery dies in USA.


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    No, there is probably about 24 main types of battery,if it dies in USA, they can make a battery fit. you willl not have to move to USA to live with dead car and unobtanium battery, but your right its a bit of a struggle to get the correct battery ( struggle-not impossible to make it work)

    buy a "jump pack"....i have the orig 2015 battery, i should replace it, but i just want to see how long it will go....i carry a jumppack....being theory i can push start it (thats why i always bought a manual) jump pack also good usb phone charger/emerg flashlite .if your travelling around....PLEASE get a jump pack!!!

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