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Thread: Just saying Hello.

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    Just saying Hello.

    My name is Oleander, and I found this forum today while at work. I am a proud nissan micra 2018 owner. She is at around 100000 km currently and I joined so that I can learn how to make her live as long as possible.

    About the car:
    I got her back in 2019. She is a beautiful Teal color and is my first car. I love how fast She speeds up and how long she makes the gas last. I've been taking her to a regular mechanic but I'm looking at getting into maintaining her myself.

    About me:

    I live in manitoba and deal with automotive service. I love cars, I'm just scared ro work on my own and am looking for advice on how to do that best.

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    Hi and welcome! I think you chose one of the easiest new-ish cars to work on /l earn how to work on. You've certainly come to the right place for info & help
    2019 Micra S - 5-speed
    -Eibach Lowering Springs
    -HK Silent-Power Exhaust
    -Chassis Braces
    -Reinforced Engine & Trans Bushings


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    Welcome aboard!


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