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Thread: Red :: 2013 Nissan Micra K13 1.2 L F/L XV (Garage entry)

  1. General Information
    Micra K13 1.2 L F/L XV
    Brick Red

    Open to DIYs and add-on suggestions.


    1) Stock H4 headlight bulbs replaced with 100/130 W halogen bulbs (upgraded relay and wiring with ceramic H4 connectors)
    2) Bought and got the OEM style fog lamps installed from 3rd party.
    3) Replaced the OEM style fog lamps with IPH Bi-LED Tri-color Low / High Projector lamps (got the high beam connected to the headlights high beam).
    4) Chrome door handles.
    5) Chrome side indicator covers.
    6) Chrome trunk lid bottom lip.
    7) Replaced the tiny T10 halogen bulbs with white LED in the headlight housings.
    8) Replaced halogen bulbs of the high mounted brake light with bright LED.
    9) Replaced rear license plate halogen bulb with white LED.
    10) Door sill protector; carbon-fiber styled stickers (front).
    11) Trunk sill protector; carbon-fiber styled sticker.
    12) Red colored reflector stickers on bumpers and on both side mirrors.
    13) Chrome colored bumper protector stickers, about 1 feet each on either curve areas of both bumpers; horizontally applied.
    14) Chrome plated exhaust tip
    14) Planning for Bentley type chrome grills (3 pieces) to replace the existing black grills.


    1) OEM style fog lamp power switch installed in the dash after melting a vertical rectangular hole in it; located a few inches below the wiper control switch. This switch works only when we switch on the little lights next to the headlights.
    2) Cabin light halogen bulb replaced with bright white LED (Festoon type).
    3) Trunk halogen bulb replaced with white LED (Festoon type).
    4) Steering wheel cover to avoid permanent hand print wear of steering wheel.
    5) Synthetic seat covers to protect the original seat covers.
    6) Chrome style trim sticker for the utility area in front of the gear lever.
    7) Chrome door handle outer trim sticker (oval shaped; all four)
    8) Chrome AC vents circular trim (both sides)


    None so far


    Planning for better air intake plumbing and a stock replacement / foam type air filter after that.


    Replaced all 4 with new ones two years ago; stock.


    Wheels: 15" factory fitted alloys
    Tires: Yokohama Earth-1 for amazing road grip (dry and wet); noisy!

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