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Thread: Goodbye Micra you will be missed!

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    Smile Goodbye Micra you will be missed!

    Story time!

    Back in 2016-17 when Nissan unveiled the Sentra Nismo I fell in love with it. but could not afford it, I had new Hyundai Elantra manual in 2014 and I still owed on it.

    I traded the Elantra for my Micra in 2019 because the Elantra warranty was done and it was starting to fall apart, I traded it in for the Micra because I wanted to downsize and wanted an auto for city driving and loved the look of it I called it my poor man's Mini.

    I then discovered this awesome forum with a lot of ideas of what to do on my Micra.

    The things I did to the Micra: RTX Ink gold 15'' wheels, Ebay fog light kit, set of Espelir Super Downsus lowering springs, Nissan Versa Note sun visors, Nissan Cube interior lamp (3 bulbs vs 1 on the Micra) and Nissan Juke leather steering wheel (Same as the 370Z but with a Nissan logo) and 15mm spacers in the rear.

    After a few years of owning it I really liked it with the lowering spring it drove like a go kart! But I also started to long for a manual and I despise the quick shifting from the 1st to 2nd the auto does on them and also I wanted something a bit bigger for safety and practicality for my new job.

    Last month I was browsing random dealership websites to see what they offered, that's where I found a 2018 Sentra Nismo manual and only 34200km on it which was less than the Micra had.
    I went to test it, dealership gave me a plate and took a pic of my license and let me go with the car for a couple of hours. I fell in love! The car is powered by a 1.6L turbo (MR16DDT) 6 speed manual. Nismo tuned suspension and it was wearing 18'' Pirelli P-Zero tires.

    The car was maintain well and it only had 1 owner according to Carfax, rocker panel and underside are sprayed with what I assume is rock guard or lacquer and also the wheels interior are sprayed as well and in the trunk I found a car cover.

    I traded the Micra and got the car I've been looking at for so long. I even bought the Sentra Nismo DLC for FH4 and own one in FH5 and now I own one in reality

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    Nice looking car. Enjoy!

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