Hello, everyone.
-I have a used set of 20 lug nuts in excellent condition for sale.
-The lug specs are M12x 1.25, which means they will fit the K13 Micra. If you wish to verify, go to: https://www.wheel-size.com/size/niss...17/#region-cdm
-These lug nuts fit the stock rims, aftermarket rims and even the spare wheel rim.
-Being forged 7075 aluminum, these lug nuts are very strong. Being aluminum, they have better brake heat dissipation, and not only mass but also less rotating mass than steel lug nuts. Unlike steel lug nuts, they don't damage the lug nut seat of aluminum rims every time they are torqued down.
-They currently sell on Amazon for $82.08 + taxes.
-PRICE: Local pickup is $26. Shipped to anywhere in Canada is $32.
-Also, I can give you a combined item discount on the gas pedal I have for sale on this forum and these lug nuts.
-Please PM me if you're interested in buying either of these items.
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