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Thread: Automatic transmission constant oil leak - Micra 2017

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    Automatic transmission constant oil leak - Micra 2017

    Hello everyone, this is my first message here. I have just discovered this forum and I really appreciate any help that you could provide.

    I'm a bit lost after several visits to the Nissan service department because of this leaking problem.
    I trust and always enjoyed the service I had there, since 2017 when I bought this Micra (also from them). I have always changed oil, filters and all other needs and services that the car have ever had without delay. Presently (September 2023), I'm at 51.000km of milage, never crashed and always treated my car with care.

    It was during the warranty time, 3 or 4 years ago, that they noticed this leaking problem, inspected the transmission and the torque converter and in the end only changed the transmissions gasket. About a year later they changed again the same gasket because the leaking continued.
    Last month, one morning my gears couldn't catch, so I went to them to check that out. Later they told me that the transmission was missing about 1.5L of oil. The car had to stay a few days, they disassembled all those parts (again) to do a new inspection, finally they changed the same gasket (for the 3rd time) and one other gasket 'close' to the torque. They thought that the torque could be damaging the gasket.

    Their conclusion was that both transmission and torque converter were in great shape and the Nissan's diagnostic computer never showed an error code. However, until today it is leaking...

    We talked about that this problem existed even during the warranty time and it is not normal that can't be fixed.
    The options they offered was either buy and change the whole transmission or to live with it and from time to time go there so they can fill the lacking amount of oil.

    Thank you so much for reading this long text, I tried my best to be brief.
    Would you have any kind of suggestion of advice that could help me with this saga?

    Have a great night! Cheers!

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    thats crazy. i think you need to contact nissan canada and explain the whole problem. THEY should direct the dealer to fix it. it really needs to be fixed, you cant run the trans out of oil,when it was 1.5 l low they should have replaced the trans to fix the leak. letters,photocopies, persistence...and a whole bunch of your time.To be honest, if the trans didnt work because it leaked, i would have really, really tried to get the trans replaced THEN. good luck!....maybe mention your on a nissan some point. is there a local "consumer advocate" on your local news, wouldn't hurt to say you know them too.

    P.S. dont trust ANYONE

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