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Thread: Micra K13 1.2 Spark Plug Replacement Guide

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    Micra K13 1.2 Spark Plug Replacement Guide

    I'm unsure if Canada has the 1.2 3-cylinder K13 model, but here's a quick guide to save $230 in labour charges:
    At first inspection, it appears as if you need to do a lot of dismantling to change the plugs. Not so. Remove the four 10mm head bolts holding the plastic inlet manifold to the cylinder head. These are very tight. I used an 1/2" universal joint with hex 10mm socket. Then remove the air filter box and air pipe.

    Next remove the four 10mm head bolts holding the rest of the manifold/throttle body assembly to the valve cover. Then you can carefully lift and manoeuvre the whole assembly just enough to access the front spark plug. They are a 14mm spark plug socket size with a 3/8" ratchet and short extension. This method saves a lot of extra work and doesn't require draining/refilling the coolant system.

    I did the job twice as I was given the wrong plugs. Second time took me 40 minutes. The inlet manifold gasket is reusable according to Nissan and I would consider changing on the third plug swap. It looks quite daunting, but is a quite simple task.
    I work on two Micra at the moment, so I will share tips.

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