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Thread: Did my first brake job on my Micra, found a good video.

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    Did my first brake job on my Micra, found a good video.


    Did my first-ever front brake job on my 2015 Micra. I found a brake job video for the Versa Note/Micra and everything looked the same on my car. I also include the link to the rear drum brake video (which I haven't done yet), the guy does a really good job explaining in my opinion. If this has been posted here elsewhere, never mind.

    Front Brakes:

    Rear Brakes:

    *Note: Rotors on my car were rusted on solid. Had to use a ton of WD40 in the Lug holes and sprayed up in behind the rotors to soak overnight. Used a rubber mallet and one good whack the next morning and they came free. They use a lot of salt up here (Sault Ste Marie), don't know if you would have the same problem in the tropical south. I put anti-seize lubricant on as recommended in the video.

    Hope this helps


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