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Thread: Link Door STOPPER failure

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    Link Door STOPPER failure

    Sometimes I think my Micra has just decided to slowly start falling apart.
    I came home to find that "the drivers door wont close" so my wife was having to crawl through from the passenger
    side each time she used the car. I don't think I could even do that.
    From what I could tell the 2 bolts that hold the stopper in the door had no loctite & the lower one came loose.
    The lower bolt was bent & the metal was a little deformed where it attaches to the door.
    With a sickening clunking noise I got the door to open & close.....added some lithium grease & it was OK
    but no detent stopping at all as the arm was now bent. The door closes on its own if left open.
    I purchased the new stopper & 3 new bolts + a set of panel removal tools to attempt the swap.
    Wish me luck!
    BTW the door stopper bolts for the rear door DO have blue loctite & were tight.
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