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    New to Nissan

    Hey everyone.

    I am new to Nissan and I'm sure you can tell by my screen name I'm very much a fan of a different brand. However! I am not here to preach that my preference is better than yours. Infact I am here because I recently purchased a 2018 Nissan Micra S with a 5 speed manual transmission because I needed a 2nd vehicle in my family and I had read that this vehicle would be my most efficient choice in both fuel and insurance, that being said I am in a small financial agreement that will last 1 year from now and I was hoping to get some help learning the ropes of the Nissan Micra 5 speed what should I do physically? (Ie new plugs new fluids new battery? That kind of stuff) and also what I should know on a personal level (ie. Ideal shift points for the transmission and how often the oil should be changed) for piece of mind I have read the manual a couple times but I would still prefer the opinion of people who have been using this vehicle as a real life experience type thing. Anyhow any help to make the best experience from this vehicle would be helpful
    Thank you in advance Micra community.
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