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Thread: Wheel / ABS / Speed sensor replacement

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    Wheel / ABS / Speed sensor replacement

    ABS and VDC warning lights are ON on 2017 Micra SV, replacing a front sensor (that tripped a fault code) solved the problem for a couple of months, now the warning lights are back. Will claim the warranty, and want to replace the sensor myself this time.

    Has anyone done the replacement before? If so, how easy it is? Is there a need to remove the front brakes? Would like to avoid that. Could not find any video for that on YouTube, even for Versa models for the last 10 years. Thank you

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    Hi Yura, I've never actually changed one on these cars... but the process should be simple enough.

    Take a look through the service manual. This is a free one for the oversees model, but should be similar. Part is about 50$ on Rockauto if warranty doesn't cover it. Do you know if they changed the left or right hand side (or both) last time you had it done?

    Link to service manual:
    2019 Micra S - 5-speed
    -Eibach Lowering Springs
    -HK Silent-Power Exhaust
    -Chassis Braces
    -Reinforced Engine & Trans Bushings


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    IIRC, it's held in by like, a single 10mm bolt. So it's pretty straightforward once you get the wheel off. However, the bigger issue is whether or not it has been rusted in place. When I had to do a front wheel bearing in mine, the front hub assembly was so rusted together, that I couldn't even move the sensor. I ended up throwing away the entire shebang, since I didn't have room to try and get it apart at a later time.

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