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Thread: FS: Superseding Nissan Accelerator Pedal Unit + Free Stabilizer End Links

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    FS: Superseding Nissan Accelerator Pedal Unit + Free Stabilizer End Links

    Hi, everyone. I'm now selling my final parts.
    -1 Nissan accelerator pedal unit. It's the updated version of the one that came with Micras. It only has about 8,800 KM on it.
    Features: Structurally stronger design for a more solid feel, slightly stiffer return spring (not too soft, unlike the original unit), improved ergonomics, as the part you step on has a revised shape (reduces the awkwardness in the right leg positioning that Micras have), improved aesthetic appearance.
    Easy to install: 2 10mm screws and 1 wiring connector clip.
    -1 pair of OE stabilizer bar (sway bar) end links. Only about 35,000 KM on them.
    All 3 of these parts work perfectly
    PRICE: $52, including shipping within Ontario. $58.00, including shipping outside of Ontario. Pickup for $35.
    Tracking number and insurance on shipment. Paypal or etransfer accepted if shipped. Cash accepted if picked up.
    Please PM if you're interested!
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    Huh?...i didn't know the accelerator pedal needed to be changed...was this a recall?..when did it change?

    2015 Micra S (manual)
    no A/C /no power options/ block heater/4x 2 Ohm speakers...all factory stock in 2015
    Feb 2015 build
    9,999 purchase price + additional 1600$ because it was a 2015 purchased in 2016
    so receipt says $8,399....+1600 .... so they look good i guess...for a brand new car!

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