The other day I noticed that there was water at the bottom of the passenger floor mat. Having no passengers I thought it was really weird, but maybe I flung some snow there. The next day it was back again and further inspection shows me that it is dripping from above, and running down my floor mat. I was able to get upside down and see a little bit to see some drops, but it is not clear where it is coming from as those drops look like they fell from further up.

I had the defroster on each time I noticed the dripping. The outside vent intake thing (near the passenger side of the windshield) was clear of any snow. I have not had this happen in previous winters.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm still under warranty for a few weeks so I will be booking an appointment soon.Name:  20221211_160735.jpg
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You can see that the water is dripping down from the water marks on the mat, and it's enough that it pools a little bit

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You can see a water droplet on the right side, it looks as though it dripped from above that piece as it looks like it dripped down it.

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Another angle, not much context other than it is under the glove box. Water droplet in the middle of the image.