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Thread: Did I just get ripped off for this work at my Nissan dealership?

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    Did I just get ripped off for this work at my Nissan dealership?

    I just had the following work done at my local Nissan dealership and was shocked at the cost. I'm wondering if anyone can tell me this is fair pricing and even if there is an official estimation of labour time from the Nissan maintenance manual that might support or contradict this labour charge?

    Replace spark plugs:
    Labour 1.6 @ $192

    Replace serpentine/drive belt
    Labour 0.8 @$96

    Transmission Flush
    5 bottles of fluid @ $82
    Labour @ $120

    Tire rotation
    Labour @ $25

    They basically had my car for 3 hours, to do the belt, plugs, tires and transmission fluid for a cost of $500+. It's the spark plugs that I think I'm questioning the most and maybe the transmission flush to a lesser extent. The only spark plugs I've replaced are on a 90 Civic and 95 Corolla a few years ago but honestly they were 20 minute jobs and i'd never even done it before. Is a Micra really that much more time consuming?

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    I personally don't see any issues with any of the prices you were charged.

    There is a fair bit of labour involved in changing the spark plugs because the intake and other components/hoses need to be removed in order to gain access to the spark plugs themselves. Open your hood and you will notice that you can't really see the coil packs because they are hidden underneath the intake.

    Depending on the technique, a transmission fluid change takes at least an hour so I think they were also fair with you from a price standpoint.

    The serpentine belt is annoying to change. It requires removing the passenger side wheel and splash guard in order to gain access to the manual tensioner in order to loosen the belt for removal and then the tensioner has to be adjusted after the new belt is installed. It took me an hour just to adjust mine because it was making noise on startup in cold weather.

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    I'd have to agree, those costs look reasonable considering the amount of work involved.

    On my old Mirage, it was just shy of $600 for a standard maintenance package and a brake service - no parts, just a service (Yikes!).

    Not even going to talk about the CVT fluid service which was upwards of $500

    Hopefully I can keep the maintenance costs lower on my Manual Micra :|

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    wow, I am not about to have these spark plugs changed any time soon if I can avoid it.

    Was there a reason you had them changed?


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