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Thread: Micra Oil Change (easy DIY / How to / oil filter part numbers)

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    Micra Oil Change (easy DIY / How to / oil filter part numbers)

    Good news for DIY's, an oil change is real easy on the Micra.

    At stock height, a regular floor jack slides under the central cross member easily. If the car is lowered you might need to roll up on a couple pieces of 2x6.

    The 14mm drain plug is easy to reach and drains completely without making a mess. (oil doesn't run all over the pan when flow slows down)

    You will need the smallest oil filter wrench of the three sizes commonly available. The Crap Tire filter is MPH 6607. It's just a tiny hair shorter than the Nissan filter.

    If you crack the filter slowly and let it drain, no oil will touch the engine, but it is an easy wipe if you unscrew it too quick and get oil on things.

    Careful pulling the dip stick or you get a drop or two flicking randomly. The alternator is right there, so that is likely where the drips will end up LOL.

    I couldn't for the life of me get a good reading on the dip stick, so I ended up just pouring in the recommended 3.5L and calling it good.

    The Micra has the room to accommodate a longer filter, if anyone knows what it is, please advise. Forgot to ask at parts counter.

    The stock size filter in Fram, with X reference chart part #6607
    The longer size filter in Fram, with X reference chart part#7317

    EDIT: Add pic of longer filter. Also, with the lower springs in I now have to roll up on pieces of 2x6 (two high) in order to get jack under cross member. This also allows enough height to change without jacking up.
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