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Thread: DIY/How To: changing Spark Plugs on a K13 (Micra/March)

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    DIY/How To: changing Spark Plugs on a K13 (Micra/March)

    So it seems there's a lot of miss-conception about changing spark plugs on the HR16DE, I decided to get DIY and show a bit of the truth behind getting this done. It is not necessarily for everyone but should save a couple of hundred dollars from the dealer.

    Since my car now is coming close to 128k it is well overdue for a tune-up and changing the spark plugs is a about a whole day's worth of work.

    There's a few things required tho, first of all, a special 14mm thin walled socket that can fit inside the spark plug bore without interference and with a rubber holder on the inside. This is where the special tool is required, Snap-On sells it (part# S9714MK) it's not a cheap socket selling for about 50$. The savings come from doing the job yourself.
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    The rest of the tools required are basic set of 3/8 extensions and ratchets. 10mm sockets.

    First miss-conception is that the owner requires to buy a brand new set of intake plenum gaskets, that is not true, they are re-usable in design and simply need to be cleaned.

    So I went ahead and took apart the intake filter out.

    I continued to disassemble the rest of the plenum assembly, there is a total 7 10mm bolts holding itself down to the cam cover.

    At this point to remove the plenum I had to remove the entire front bumper, because the hood latch assembly wouldn't permit it's removal due to interference, this got quite labour intensive.

    Moving forward, I removed the throttle body too, 4x 8mm bolts hold it down. Removing the engine coolant hoses are tricky but a must.
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    Take note, to get clearance to remove the plenum, I also had to remove the intake solenoid it's held down by a small 8mm screw. Some oil may drip.

    Second miss-conception, OEM plugs being Iridium, well mine weren't, they were Platinum tip models. Part# starts with PL = Platinum
    So talking spark plugs, the new ones I ordered for the the job are NGK Iridium IX, these are the top of the line models Part# LKAR6AIX-11, these have a stock heat rating of 6 (cold) 2-12 is the gauge from hot to cold plug. These cost from 12-15$ each

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    These plugs have fine iridium tip and platinum ark

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    Here's the plenum's re-usable gasket, it has tabs for easy removal, I suggest cleaning it before re-assembly.

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    There is also a re-usable O-ring gasket on the throttle body side.

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    So using the special socket to remove the old spark plugs, I found out the stock ones on my car were indeed Platinum types from NGK. It seems I was well overdue for changing them, here they are lined up from cylinder #1 to 4

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    It seems cylinder #3 was running rich due to it's darker color, something to investigate. When doing a tune-up this is the best way to see the condition of the internals of the engine and this is big preventive maintenance many skip over. This gave me a huge report on what is going on with my engine.

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    So I went ahead and changed all the spark plugs and I also swapped my used coil packs to some new ones I had lying around from the scrap.

    At this point re-assembly was in order, I had an extra plenum so I decided it was a good time to swap it for this wrinkle finished model I made a few days prior.

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    I think the result looks quite professional, take note I also equipped it with a newer T/B all cleaned up for this tune up.

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    After doing it myself, it turned out not to be such a pain, but a lot of disassembly work before getting to the cam cover.

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    Fantastic thread! I wish I could press "thanks" more than once -- this is something many owners are going to benefit from. Thanks for taking the time to document it!

    I'm adding it to the Micra modifications, customizations & DIY list


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    The body is 18mm but there is a little collar thats19.56mm (.772").

    About ABN Thin Wall 14mm 12-point Spark Plug Socket BMW 3/8 Inch Drive

    Product Description

    The ABN Thin Wall Spark Plug Socket is a must have tool for anyone working on BMW engines. It is designed to keep the plug inside the socket during install and removal with metal retainers. The tool also works with some Nissan and Toyota engines.
    A Closer Look


    The spark plug socket is constructed from Chrome Vanadium Steel (CR-V) for superior strength and durability.

    Use with 3/8-inch drive
    14mm with 12 points
    Overall length 2-1/2 inches

    Trusted Design

    The socket features metal retainers to keep plug inside the socket throughout the install and removal process. The metal retainers provide a stronger hold and longer durability.

    or 3.31 USD!!
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    so receipt says $8,399....+1600 .... so they look good i guess...for a brand new car!

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    Oh thanks, looks like there's cheaper sockets. Tool wasn't mine anyway.

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    I ended up get the socket from ali and I just happen to work on my 2008 Versa 1.8L which I actually used the tool on. Yes, I tried the old 5/8 but that was not going to work. From what I found out is the 1.8 uses the same spark plug.

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