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Thread: Caliper Mounting Bolt Spinning & Won't Come Out

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    Caliper Mounting Bolt Spinning & Won't Come Out

    I decided to have a first go at replacing my brake pads and rotors today and everything went well but for ending up with one of the caliper bolts that screw into the pins seemingly being overtightened and stripping. The guide I watched said to tighten to 20 but upon tightening it back up I realised it wasn't getting tight and was just spinning.

    When I turn it, the pin does move slightly but I've tried holding the pin firmly in place but the bolt still just spins. My questions:

    - Is this a safety concern? With the bolt in place I'm assuming it is still doing it's job of holding the plate in place and that this just becomes a problem the next time I want to remove that bolt and do some brake work?
    - If I do need to get it addressed now, any suggestions on how to get it out!?

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    Show in picture which bolt u r talking about its really hard to follow as per your post what exactly went wrong. Anything with brakes is safety concern for sure.

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    this may be a safety concern...possibly the knuckle needs replacement ...did you torque inch pounds or ft lbs?

    so worst case thoughts

    the bolt backs out hits wheel?
    cant comeout but caliper now has one bolt and pivots

    wheel locks or POSSIBLY no brakes...but is 2 separate system so SOME brakes left.

    my guess would be wheel locks before anything else..but ive never even heard of that!!!!!!!!!!

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