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Thread: Cracked Air Intake Boot/Hose Replacement Number

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    Cracked Air Intake Boot/Hose Replacement Number

    Hi folks!
    I've got a 2015 Micra with 170k kms on it and noticed the air intake hose between the throttle body and AFM was starting to crack. When the cracking becomes severe enough problems can arise including triggering of the MIL, lean running, and ingress of dirt. I could not find an aftermarket replacement, so I called the dealer to be told a replacement was almost $300 CDN! Ouch! I couldn't find any replacements under "Micra" in the US, but took a chance ordering a part listed for the 2015 Versa, which uses the same drivetrain. I'm happy to say that the part is the same and was only half the price, even with shipping and duty. The Nissan part number as of this post is 165761HK1A. If you examine yours and need to replace it, compare it to the photos to make sure it looks like the one on your car, as some websites show different pictures. The one photo shows the cracking which has begun, and the other shows the part number, new boot, and the old part. Hopefully my research saves someone else some grief and some money. Cheers!

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