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Thread: Clearing Leaves trapped inside lower fender

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    Clearing Leaves trapped inside lower fender

    Since I have trees near my driveway I end up with leaves trapped inside my lower fenders that I can see with the door open. I have tried a shop vac with small nozzle & a compressed air nozzle to try & get the leaves out with little success.
    My wife's Mazda 3 has the same leaf collection problem & she suggested just using the garden hose & nozzle.
    Turns out if you hold the nozzle close to the opening the churning water will get most of the leaves out & I was to dig out the remainder with my fingers, all without getting water into the car itself.
    I was always a little bothered about the rotting leaves trapped in there, possibly causing rust.
    Here is drivers side after cleaning & passenger side untouched.

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