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Thread: drive / serpentine belt (cracked at 48000 km)

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    drive / serpentine belt (cracked at 48000 km)

    Just got a call from the dealer about my 2019 late model year micra. Apparently my drive belt/serpentine belt has cracked and requires replacement. My car currently has 48,000km on it and has the distinction of the lowest mileage car I've ever owned that required a new serpentine belt (usually my other cars have gotten between 100,000 and 200,000km and my suzuki sx4 never required replacement even after 210,000km). They did send me a photo of it, and it does show cracking of the belt. Has anyone else had their drive belt go so early on? Just wondering if this is common to the micra and should I expect to have to do it again in another 50,000km?

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    ive seen that before on my civic...will the belt break tomorrow? probably not ....but if its been identified i would have it replaced...and yes...if u take it in for service in 50k more...probably the same outcome
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    Well this can be covered under warranty if you took your car for oil change every 8k km / 6months or did tire rotation in dealership. Multipoint inspection would have shown that u have a problem with belt within new vehicle warranty period. Besides that this belt clearly has a defect it cant crack like that and need replacement this fast. Horizontal missing chunks are acceptable and dont need replacement but vertical cuts like this is a defect. Ive seen this type of cuts on engines well over 150k km. So first search for your paperwork from dealership then talk to them directly if it can be done under warranty then head to bbb then consumer protection agency then mto if needed.

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