Love at first

We were looking to replace our old Rio 5 2009 by another Rio 5, more recent. Our goal was to buy the more recent car our finance would allow. We finally decided to buy a Micra for two reasons: 1) We always loved the Micra but thought it had a CVT (as we keep our cars for very long time, we didn't want a CVT). What a surprise when we learned the Micra had a conventional automatic transmission.2) For about the same budget ($10, 000) we could buy a Micra three/four years more recent than a Rio 5. We also read a lot of favorable reviews about the Micra before we took the final decision. A friend also owns one.

Out with the old, in with the...

We loved our previous Rio 5 2009 and had a good exchange price for it when buying the Micra.

Job description

The Micra is our main vehicule. We also own a old pick up Dakota 2009 for boat towing and utility use.
Exterior features/styling
We love the cute european joyfull look of the Micra.

Interior features/styling

I'm a tall person (6'1'') but always loved/had small cars. Oue smallest car was a Subaru Justy, many, many years ago. I suit very well in the Micra. The interior is classy, comfortable and feel well put together. As I'm more old school style I'm glad our Micra doesn't have a screen or a back camera. The sound system with four speakers has a very good sound in the SV.


We appreciate the ABS and all the passive security features of the Micra. Don't need anything more.


A charm to drive. In these pandemic time we don't use it frequently so we are very happy when time comes for a drive. We were surprised by the solid feel and relative quietness of the driving and also the ''zippiness' of the engine.
Fuel economy

As we don't need to drive a lot, fuel economy is not a determining factor for us.

Closing thoughts

Very happy for now. Time will tell if reliability on the long term is at the ''rendez-vous''. We're confident it will.