So I was driving my Nissan Micra that's now 6 year old (bought it 2nd hand last year) when I noticed the Check Engine Light came on.

I asked for a friend's error code reader and P0101 "Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range/Performance Problem" came up.

Sadly, most mechanics seem to be unavailable these days until January 3rd (great...)

Should I not be driving my car while I have this error until I can bring it to a mechanic? Should I ask the mechanic to check the MAF sensor to see if it still works and if so clean it (since replacing it is costly)?

Should I bring it to a regular mechanic to check on it or to a Nissan dealership?

Any replies are helpful. I did drive the car for small rides since I got the error for the past few days so not sure if that was a bad thing to do.