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Thread: Engine knock - 2015 high mileage Micra - Normal ??

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    Engine knock - 2015 high mileage Micra - Normal ??


    I'm thinking of buying a used 2015 Micra with manual trans and 145k km.

    At the end of my test drive, while re-entering the person's driveway, I noticed a slight "knock" sound from the engine at low rpm, sort of like a "Tok, Tok, tok". Have no idea what causes this, but it's as if one of the four cylinders was hitting the top part of the cylinder at each go around.

    It's not a loud sound and I'm even wondering if it's caused by something completely different than a piston knock or if it's even just a normal sound of this engine at low rpm ?

    I haven't bought the car, but just wondering if anyone here has an idea what this sound is caused by and if it's of concern...??

    I will of course take to a Nissan dealer to have it checked out if I decide to buy it, but just wondering if it's a common problem before spending money on a full check-up at the dealer.

    Thanks for any ideas or suggestions !


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    Valve tapping from the cam shaft?


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    Hi Tipit, welcome to the club!

    Let us know what your mechanic says! 'Some' early Micras apparently had bearing issues that 'could' be what you're describing.

    Check this out
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    Marc - what did you decide?

    I would say "Tok, Tok, tok" is not normal. I think Vaszya is right to point to the bearing issues some early Micras had.

    The only unusual noise an otherwise healthy Micra engine makes the fuel injectors are slightly noisy. The engine has 2 injectors per cylinder, and I found I could hear them going "click click click click" at idle.



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