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Thread: Another IMPUL special

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    Another IMPUL special

    As always I’m here to help those of the forum community convert their hard earned money into noise.
    Here is another part that I am personally looking into for myself for my G 35.
    I figured I’d share it with the community and if people are interested they can order direct or through me in a group buy whatever we can work out.
    I will share my costs so everyone can see that the group buy is completely transparent.
    I have no affiliation with this company I have no interest in profit I just want to save some money have some funAnd make some noise
    prices are in US dollars
    A single valve unit is about US$50 cheaper than the dual valve unit

    And yes for those of you wondering this is my direct response to “no deal peels” newest campaign about to kick off this March 26th 2021

    If you have a “noise maker exhaust” there is a 6 month street campaign to address noise complaints.

    This function while technically does not pass a through “inspection”
    It is a fun toy meant for “off road use only” .

    When installed between the catalytic converter and the resonator pipe when operate it it will produce the loudest straight pipe sound that you can achieve with your car.
    Flip the switch again and it’s back being routed through the OEM resonator and muffler quiet and discreet

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