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Thread: Another Tire Thread -- Buying!

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    Another Tire Thread -- Buying!

    My tire size is 185/60R/15. I am going to buy all-weather tires.

    The garage where I usually go (not the dealer) has Kumho Solus HA31 in stock and the price is reasonable. My daughter has Nokian tires on her truck and recommends them, but not carried at my shop. Although I can get them elsewhere in town that is less convenient for me. I thought I wanted Toyo Celsius but they seem to be hard to get.

    Does anyone have an opinion on any of these? Kumho gets generally good reviews, but a few awful ones. Nokian gets very good reviews. Toyo has mixed reviews.

    Since my original factory tires are sliding all over the road, I'm sure any of these will be better, but would like some personal experience if possible.


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    I'm not a huge fan of all season tires, but I see you're in Victoria. Unless it's an unusually cold winter, and things freeze over, the Kumhos would probably be more than adequate.

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    all seasons in winter kinda suck.....another school of thought maybe to run "snowtires" all year....good water evacuation, increased wear (bad)...i have absolutely no affiliation with "pmc tire"...but the prices are low and shipping is astronomically low....ive started running "snow" tires all year round on mags .....the only downside is the wearrate...if u put on 100k a year its not an option...basically u should not be paying more than 100 dollars a tire x 4 =400$....people will disagree with this but im no brand loyal..if i see a good tread i'll buy it for cheap....for gods sakes dont fall into the "changing tires onto rims every year" cost about 20 dollars a tire to flip them...give some thought to "cheap snow tires all year"
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    I put Nokian all season with snowflake on mountain on my Hyundai Accent. They were so much better in every way than the Kumho tires the car came with. Better in the rain and better in the snow. Also quieter in all conditions. As the were slightly taller than the Kumhos it was like having slightly taller gears. I understand that Kal Tire has the exclusive in BC on these tires and they are not cheap. Kal Tire is where have gone for anything tire related for 25 years and would go nowhere else. Check out Kal Tire on the web for prices.

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