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Thread: Car Noise with Nissan Micra SR 2015

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    Car Noise with Nissan Micra SR 2015

    Hi everyone.

    I am a proud owner of a Nissan Micra SR 2015 for the past 3 months now. I had no issues with it, except for the last 2 weeks when it started to make a noise that only happens when the car slows down (without pressing the brake or acceleration pad).

    I made a video recording of the noise on Youtube:

    Some additional information:
    Mileage: 35000 km
    Location: Montreal, QC Canada
    (There has been quite some snow the past few days so don't know if that could have something to do with it.)

    After purchase, the car was brought to a trusted car mechanic who did a full checkup of the car and only found that the car needed an alignment. Otherwise nothing wrong. This was mid October 2020.

    Early January, a couple of days after constantly hearing the noise, I booked an appointment with a different mechanic (closer to where I live) to fix the alignment (believing that to be perhaps the cause of the issue) and to have it checked at the same time in case it wasn't. Mechanic called back saying alignment was done (with piece of paper as proof) and said no issues found when checking the car but to come back if it still happens.

    Sadly, the noise persists and even seems to be getting louder. I'm hoping someone here would know what it could be and if it requires urgent attention.

    Thanks in advance to anyone helping me out.

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    First take a car to a coin car wash the ones with wands. Wash underneath the wheel arcs really good do all 4. Recheck. If noise still persists jack up the car one side at a time. First do rear ones those are easy to spin so you can actually hear. For front ones better to lift both sides at once put on standa start the car hand break fully engaged chucks under the rear wheel put on D or first gear if its manual transmission get out of the car and check from where the noise is coming. After spotting the side from where its coming take the wheel out check area if nothing found repeat procedure with wheel off this time. Could be you put aftermarket wheels with wrong offset which is causing it to rub against break caliper slightly at some points. Better to do the procedure with someone sitting in the car and you checking from outside. That way is kinda safer.

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    Have you tried turning the blower fan to different speeds? From your video it seemed like it was an internal noise rather than external and didn't seem to jive with your slow parking lot driving.

    If two mechanics didn't find anything underneath wrong and it was parked in a mechanics shop after the snow storm I would imagine any ice or snow build up would've melted.

    Small noises can be hard to pin point. I've had small vibration noises end up being a loose spare tire or a coin in the door tray.

    I would clean out everything from your car. Sunglasses, chargers, loose change and start gathering more data. I see that your post says only when decelerating..

    Does it happen when turning right or left?

    Does it happen when only driving over bumps or all the time?

    I did have a vibration issue with our micra twice that was a heat shield underneath the car. The first one I had replaced under warranty and when it broke again I just removed it. It was weaker than other heat shields that I've seen before.
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    i would take the front wheels off, somethings rubbing..possibly a small stone in heat shield rubbing on rim?????..ill grant you its a WEIRD rubbery noise,,,like a square DID seem to jive with road speed??

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