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Thread: Micra speedometer shows faster than it's really going

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    Very late to the party but noticed this week that my Micra 2016 is off too. I was following a friend for a long distance drive and we agreed on 110 and the whole time, while they were going at 110, I was at 120 km. 10 km/h off is a LOT. No wonder I never got pulled off for speeding!!!

    I'm pretty sure it's too late for me to get it "fixed" since my car isn't under warranty anymore. No way I'm paying for that, I'll just live with it, but that's ridiculous. Nissan cut corners yet again on this..!

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    Speedometer readings can be up to 10kmh off. In fact reading under is a requirement by the government. My wife's 2015 Micra is right on the money. Very strange. Of the 112 vehicles I have owned, it's a first!

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