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Thread: Exhaust options in 2020?

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    Exhaust options in 2020?

    I'm here on behalf of my wife's 2016 SV. I've read through every thread I can about exhausts on this forum and I'm still not sure what the best answer is.

    Over the past week the muffler popped right off the exhaust flange where it connects to the midpipe. My mechanic took a look and says I probably need a new muffler, and there's no aftermarket mufflers so it'll have to come from the dealer. He can clamp in some kind of pipe over top temporarily, but it won't last very long. Additionally, as far as I could see under the car it looks like the flange has rusted together, so I don't know if the flange from the midpipe could be used again, either:
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    Other than band-aid fixing it, it looks like my options are OEM ($380 + tax for the muffler, gasket and bolts... didn't even ask about the midpipe), one of the various japanese websites that will get some kind of stainless steel exhausts to me in Ontario for ~$1200, or custom work (and I wouldn't know where to start).

    As a possible option, does anyone know if any of the versa or versa note exhaust parts would fit on the micra? There's a lot of aftermarket stuff for it and the pictures look like they'd fit. I could get the muffler, midpipe, gasket and bolts shipped to me for about $390 + tax which is a heck of a lot better than OEM.

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    a few people have noticed that joint can be quite weak...MY advice would be to literally "band aid it" BUT....your mechanic (maybe) or anyone with a welder (any welder...even a cheap one) should be able to weld a pipe and eliminate the weak bolted connection..this could be YOUR opportunity to buy that flux core welder at princess auto you always dreamed im a BAD welded with alot of experience (lol) and i welded up the hole in the 99 civic pipe....just make sure ground clamp close to weld....IDEALLY drop the pipe from the block...weld (ground clamp) and re-attach...the plan is not to allow the current from the ground clamp to go through a very fine wire ie the ECU

    on further reflection,i would take your mechanics advice, clamp a big band aid over the super weak area,an it and the rest of the system should last another 7 years

    good pics!!
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    I had the exact same issue 2 years ago on my 2015. I cut out the flanged section with a cut-off wheel on my grinder and got a short exhaust pipe section at Canadian Tire with the same ID as the original pipes OD. Clamp it on either side with muffler clamps. That was 2 years ago and I expect it to last at least as long as the original flange did which is definitely a weak spot in the exhaust. Total cost was about $10 and took about 1/2 hr to do in the driveway.

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    I did the same as Richard, but I used a reducer that fit over one side, and into the other pipe. Wasn't especially difficult. Just cut off the entire flanged area. If the one side is rusted apart, the other side won't be too far behind.

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