I put on some door sill protectors, they look pretty good! Ordered from Ali express, and they were really nice to install. They come off easy if you don't line it up perfect at the start. I put it right onto the very edge of the black plastic sill to get it started and then pushed the plastic sill cover thing back, and used a plastic shim to put the edge of it under the plastic sill cover so I have no gaps. I had no problem with the rear ones even though they curved up and went over an edge at the same time. The decal feels pretty durable, and the lettering is added on after with a transfer membrane. I'm not sure how the letters will hold up but I like it right now :)

I have the "Micra" letters on all 4, but included a picture of just the decal without it for reference. The rear lettering is smaller than the front ones.

Name:  20200809_152548.jpg
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Rear before and after without the lettering on yet.

Name:  20200809_152630.jpg
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Front before and after with the lettering.

Name:  20200818_162400.jpg
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Close up of the front.