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Thread: Potentially looking to become a Micra owner!

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    Potentially looking to become a Micra owner!

    Hi all,

    Long time Fiat owner (Absolutely love it!), and 'potentially' looking to make the switch to a Micra for everyday driving (If not Micra... then another Fiat).

    Would anyone care to give me a sales pitch? Also, seeing as the car has been out for some years now... what are some problematic areas?


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    I don't know what the problem areas are. I just purchased my first micra in March. That being said I can tell you that I really enjoy driving it. It has more get up and go than it really should have. It's turning circle is very small. It has everything you need and nothing you don't (except heated seats. You can get them as a dealer added option though- not through nissan canada). Mechanically it appears simple to work on. It's great on gas. It looks unique- not like a lot of the cookie cutter cars that are on the market now. The heating controls are large and easily manipulated with a gloved hand. The glove box is cavernous. The headlights are a very bright white- not like the standard yellow dull bulbs out there. I like the interior dash and door lighting- most bulbs are orange. Only four bolts per tire- easier to change! The brakes are responsive. It's a traditional automatic transmission with real gears. I know cvt's are the rage but I don't particularly love them. None of the cars features require you to use the touchscreen- that's for the radio, phone and backup camera only. No climate control via a screen (what a stupid feature that is- physical buttons are so much easier to use in the cold). Not sure if this helps you but out of all my previous cars ( vw golf, jeep tj sport, suzuki sx4's, honda crv, honda odyssey, dodge caravan and mitsubishi outlander) my nissan micra is hands down my favourite- followed closely by the jeep.

    I originally looked at the fiat 500 but by the time I was willing to buy a car they weren't selling them anymore. I did test drive one though. You'll find the micra less "jittery" than the fiat 500 on the road (if that's the fiat you owned). The suspension is quite soft so it makes for a smooth ride. Hope this helps you. Take one for a test drive.

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    i dont know jack about it really an italian fiat ??..but a manual micra is 10K and its a car....the fiats look great i have to say!! daughter loved them...but we got her a 500 dollar 1997 honda prelude instead! "angry fiat" always goes bombing by on my way to work....i never really try to keep up...just watch him go by (big car envy i guess)...we both have tiny cars....
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    9,999 purchase price + additional 1600$ because it was a 2015 purchased in 2016
    so receipt says $8,399....+1600 .... so they look good i guess...for a brand new car!

    Covid 19...she up on blocks!!!

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    vaszya, did you try a Micra yet?

    As for potential problems, there is this thread that might help:

    Thread: Micra warranty repairs -- have you had any done? Or trouble-free so far?


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