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Thread: Throttle Position Sensor problem. P2135 and P0123

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    Throttle Position Sensor problem. P2135 and P0123

    My 2017 Micra S has about 82000 km, it is over the 60k basic warranty. About a week ago, day ago driving down the street from my house from a cold start, my car went into limp mode, thankfully I haven't gotten on the highway yet. I was able to get it back home crawling at 5km/hr, it was throwing me P2135 and P0123 code, I reset the engine code with my scanner, the car drove ok for a few days.Today same thing it came back on driving to work, same deal, not far down the street thank God, I had a bit of trouble resetting the code this time though, but it worked after a couple tries. I was trying to drive around locally trying to get the light back on so the mechanic could diagnose it, but to no avail.

    So I take it to my mechanic nonetheless, he drove it around trying to get the check engine light to come back on but it wouldn't. The light needs to be on and in limp mode so he can do further testing and needs to in order to pinpoint the diagnose where exact it is failing. The wiring, connections, the throttle body seemed to be clean, tested everything but worked ok, from his experience it is the throttle body that has to be replaced, unlike older cars, since the sensor is built inside comes as a whole unit, it must be replaced entirely. $900 installed + tax.

    I need some advice here, anyone able to chime in?

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    2015 Micra S (manual)
    no A/C /no power options
    Feb 2015 build
    9,999 purchase price + additional 1600$ because it was a 2015 purchased in 2016
    so receipt says $8,399....+1600 .... so they look good i guess...for a brand new car!

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