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Thread: Micra k13 in Melbourne

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    Post Micra k13 in Melbourne

    Greetings all, long time lurker, finally decided to make an account and try to contribute to the community that has helped me out with a few random projects and things.

    I have a red k13 micra, with a few minor upgrades/mods (im going to take some pics and chuck it up here tomorrow, its 1am haha). So far I have an aftermarket headunit with pioneer speakers all round with a 12inch sub in the boot. Externally, I have a 22" lightbar (the sort of thing you see on offroad 4x4s) mounted in the bumper/lower grille (pics tomorrow).
    Im working on a few projects at the moment, including 3d printing an adapter to get more cup holders in the back (pics when it happens in a week or so), chucking an alarm in it with rfid entry using access controllers from dangerous things (i have an rfid implant so will be using that to unlock and start my car) which will also need a push button start. Other things on my to do list are interior lighting upgrades, pedal replacement, gear knob replacement, struts for the hood, unfortunately it looks like I can't get the nice spoiler in melbourne so I cant do that

    Just out of curiosity, how rare are micra's in NA, based on things like the thread for spotting other micra's im guessing they are rare, which is odd to me because I see upwards of 5 most days (none with crazy mods like you guys hahaha), and I have a great commercial micra to get pics of (has a cargo barrier and all).

    Well this ended up going on forever hahahaha, if anyone wants to know anything about the projects I plan to work on let me know!

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    How rare are they? Depends where you live, I guess. In Canada and Mexico, they're around. They're all over the place where I live. However, they were never sold in the US, so they're a lot rarer there. Probably extremely rare in the middle states.

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