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Thread: Two Accidents in Five Weeks!

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    Two Accidents in Five Weeks!

    Hello Forum,

    Both accidents were not my fault...honest!

    I thought I would share these two mishaps to let you know the costs to repair the Micra both times.

    The first accident happened early November when I was getting winter tires installed and balanced. I parked well enough from the bay of the shop but a customer was backing out from the bay and his hitch damaged the front bumper cover and fog light insert. I was not in the car.

    First photo is where the hitch hit. Second photo shows the gap created to confirm the bumper was the only thing needed to be replaced. The third photo is just to show how cool the car looks with black rims and winters

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    Body shop ordered the bumper, fog light insert and relevant fasteners, painted the bumper and when done I couldn't tell it was different other than it was clean. Whole thing cost $950 all in. Went through other guys insurance. The only thing I'm concerned about is the washer fluid reservoir was dented in a bit so there is a crease-like mark on the plastic. Body shop said the plastic will hold.

    The second incident happened in December where I parked behind three trucks at my buddies shop. Then later on someone parked in front of the trucks. It was dark out so one of my friends backed up his truck and whammo - his bumper dented in the drivers side back door. It crimped a bit so no plunger would help. Sorry no pictures. The door still worked fine and I contemplated just leaving it but since I've only had the car 6 months I wanted a new door. My friend who hit me said he would pay for it.

    Back to the body shop as a repeat customer! He tried looking for a used door but none were on his data base. I didn't want a used door anyway - maybe if the car was a few years older.

    Pricing on the door was surprisingly a lot more - $2,500. The door came with no window, liner, handle (It's an "S") or any other bits since the body shop would transfer all those items from the old door to the new one. All the labour drove the price up I suspect and again it was painted. Finished product looks great - like nothing happened.

    So now I'm a lot more careful where I park - seems it's hard to see a black Micra!

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    omg the whole CAR cost less than 4 stripped doors!!!!

    2015 Micra S (manual)
    no A/C /no power options
    Feb 2015 build
    9,999 purchase price + additional 1600$ because it was a 2015 purchased in 2016
    so receipt says $8,399....+1600 .... so they look good i guess...for a brand new car!

    Covid 19...she up on blocks!!!

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