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Thread: Aftermarket Radio

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    Aftermarket Radio

    I'm looking to install an aftermarket deck in my dad 2017 S. What all do I need to make it looks close to factory as possible and allow the steering wheel controls to still work?

    This is my first installed on a Nissan I'm used to Fords Chevys and Hondas

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    there is a user Azamod ? who is a GURU on this stuff, he has alot of useful posts. there has been some trouble with airbag lights if you go crazy turning the key on with the airbag light disconnected...good luck on the steering wheel controls....its all Pulse control its not as simple as splicing wires ..well it kind of is...there is only advice would be to ditch the steering wheel controls, my 2015 s didn't even come with them
    2015 Micra S (manual)
    no A/C /no power options
    Feb 2015 build
    9,999 purchase price + additional 1600$ because it was a 2015 purchased in 2016
    so receipt says $8,399....+1600 .... so they look good i guess...for a brand new car!

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    Do you mean me? lol

    I'd actually defer to 514Xave (Post #16 from this page):

    I've only ever tied in with custom made stuff, he's put together a build that uses actual products and figured out how to incorporate them in to the system.


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