Well, that was INSANELY easy.

Here's my extensive write up.

Flaps are embossed. FR LH, FR RH, RR LH, RR RH.

Fronts, hold in position. Remove the 2 clips that are where the flap goes. (I cut mine out I HATE properly removing trim clips). Wash the dirt off, install new clips through flaps.

Rear, the three holes to be drilled in the bumper are premarked! Woohoo! Just use a drill bit a hair bigger than the screw shank. The instructions tell you to remove the tire, which is absolutely unnecessary! You can flex the bumper enough to drill beside the tire. Even with a long drill bit, the underside has enough give to be drilled head on if you pull it down.

Remove the screws, Install the clips as stated (lip to inside, flat part to flaps). Again, using a longer driver bit to avoid the tire and by pulling the inside lip out a bit, secure the flaps. (Did you wash before you did this? Good job).

Only note not listed in the instructions, the metal tab that catches the screw will deform flat. So when you think its snug, give the screws a few more turns until it truly bottoms out.

Under 5 minutes for me, tools required were a screw driver and a drill and bit.

This forum HATES doing photos properly, but oh well.
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