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Thread: Speed limiter on the 2019 automatic?

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    There are stretches on my commute where I can let it rip but I haven't topped 140 yet since it has a fast "feel" at a buck 10.

    What I was happy with is along a stretch of two lane highway...drop to fourth and passed with flying colours three cars in a row and handled great. I'm sure the guy in the front car was like...."was that a micra?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moflow View Post
    Micra cup cars can reach over 170km/h, but they have manual trans, intake and exhaust mods as well as Nismo suspension and race spec tires. Personally I've had my Micro at 140+ and it felt very planted and safe. Beyond that I'm not too sure, but if I could find a nice stretch of highway on a quiet weekend morning, I'd like to see what it would do?
    Cup cars should hit over 170, my stock Micra does a hair shy of 200 (that I've had it, local track is too short to know but it doesnt have much left to give).


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    There is a rumour I heard from a reliable source of at least 190+

    There very well could be on an auto or a sensor like stability control that trips?


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    200km/h is achievable with the 5 speed.

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